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We have a wealth of experience and technology to make your vision come to life.


Our skills are not only technical but also include artistry such as posing for different body types, lighting a scene to create a mood, how best to use your voice, reducing hiss, and background sounds…all the elements needed  to achieve best results and to guide your vision from start to finish. 


We offer a pre-shoot consultation to crystalise your ideas and help you to envision the end result before any footage is shot. We may suggest a collaborative effort to create a storyboard so that everyone knows what to do and where to be, on the day.


We also offer creation of footage from stills that you may have, as well as editing of any existing footage you may wish to use, for example, to create high quality, short form videos most often for Social media posts or  adverts. 

What we offer

Social Media

Boost your brand’s visibility with dynamic video content for social media and your website. 

Real Estate

Showcase the properties on your sales portfolio with professional footage. We can do interior video tours as well as highlighting the property’s exterior features. 

Advertisement Style

Create engaging and informative advertisement style videos to bring attention to your business and how you operate, what you offer and customer satisfaction. 

Short form product or service highlight

Highlight a specific area of your business, showcase a service or promote a best-selling product. Short, to the point and used to create awareness and drive traffic to you. 

Documentary or Instructional

Show your customers and viewers how to use your products, or indeed, show them your creative production process. 

Video creation from Photographs

A montage style video, curated and created with your images and your videos, set to music, with text over or voice over and transition effects. 

Small event recording / streaming

Special events should be recorded for posterity, especially for small events where customers are likely to take photographs. Your online content can help to create a bigger reach, especially if your company/brand hashtag is strong and customers can post their photos to the hashtag, thus helping to promote you! 

We can also help you to live stream your event/launch/opening/announcement…whatever you need.   

Petar& Colleen helped me get back to what I love doing...Makeup! I have been in the film & Television makeup industry for 40 + years, leaving only to take care of my health in 2016. Although I have also taught makeup for many many years, launching my own YouTube channel was daunting, but my passion for teaching helped did their kind, gentle and patient manner and guidance. They are a lovely, professional pair who know their stuff. I loved every minute of filming with them.
Mandy Gold
Film & TV Makeup artist


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